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Cloud VPS/VDS hosting

We offer you easy and simple in use VPS/VDS-hosting based on cloud-technology.

There is a possibility for Cloud server to increase its capacity at any moment, if you need more resources for your project development. Price of this server depends on its capacity. Your hosting price depends on amount of resources dedicated for your web-project.

Tariff Plan Descriptopn Payment
VPS 250 1 core of Intel Xeon, RAM 312 Mb, HDD 5 Gb RAID, bandwidth 60 Mbit/sec, 2 dedicated IP $12.08 order
VPS 500 1 core of Intel Xeon, RAM 1 Gb, HDD 15 Gb RAID, bandwidth 100 Mbit/sec, 2 dedicated IP $18.18 order
VPS 1k 2 cores of Intel Xeon, RAM 1.5 Gb, HDD 30 Gb RAID, bandwidth 100 Mbit/sec, 2 dedicated IP $30.38 order
VPS 2k 4 cores of Intel Xeon, RAM 2.5 Gb, HDD 60 Gb RAID, bandwidth 100 Mbit/sec, 2 dedicated IP $42.59 order

Hosting contral panel licences (per request):

  • DirectAdmin - $7/per month
  • cPanel - $14.64/per month
  • ISPmanager Lite - $5.98/per month
  • ISPmanager Pro - $9.64/per month

Options (per request):

  • installation and set up additional (any!) software - 15 $/per hour ( minimal order 10 hours)


  • The client can install all necessary software by yourself
  • Payment for cloud-hosting service, made by banner impressions, is not accepted

If you have any questions, please appeal to  technical support.


Benefits for you

Companies get more benefits placing their services/applications on the cloud because of the low loading. When traffic load increases for your server, usually it happens during holiday period, it may reach several thousand times. Now, you have an opportunity to increase your server capacity at the period you need and to decrease it, when user`s activity on your site goes on decline. This is one of the advantage of this service. 
It is quite profitable for new companies (start-up) to use cloud-server, as there is no need to buy new equipment, OS and hire administrators. Also, on cloud-server you can place unlimited number of domains.

Why Cloud is better than Dedicated?

Firstly, working with the cloud administrator has all servers resources as a whole; he can increase capacity depending on client requirements and there is no need to install some other elements on server. Also, the client can increase capacity of his account and there is no need to transfer sites from one server to another.
Secondary, to work with cloud is more simple. If you want to increase resources, there is no need to connect servers and install panel on them. Everything you need is to install necessary software and connect it to the cloud. Server will start to function on the cloud immediately.

What is special?

VPS Service allows to place on one physical server independent virtual environments, which for their functionality and possibilities are totally identity to usual physical server. Each virtual private server (VPS) is isolated and completely independent from other servers and clients, placed on the same physical server. And, it guarantees maximal security and protection from unauthorized access, and freedom on your own applications installation.
Data of many users, which use shared hosting, are placed on the server in one directory. Instead of it, VPS is unavailable for other users on the same physical machine. OS is installed on each VPS. It can be customized for specific, non-standard VPS user requests, and there is no influence of  this customization (settings) for other clients, placed on the same physical server.    
This technology isolates each VPS completely, and dedicate it certain limit of memory, disc, central processing unit resources. The resources of physical server are guaranteed for each VPS. And, they can not be used by other VPS or client. Also, as physical Dedicated Server, each VPS has its own independent operational system. Different web and other applications can be installed on each OS by client`s wish. Also, it is possible to install on VPS Hosting control panel H-Sphere with all features, which are available for UKRHOSTING clients, placed their resources on shared hosting.

You have a guaranteed possibility to install server by your wish and to receive root-access for any chosen by you Linux distribution disc. The Price of cloud-server depends on its capacity, it directly proportional depends on amount of using resources on the site.  

You can find more detailed information how to order dedicated virtual server, how to pay for this service, to see some termins and definitions meanings in our frequently asking questions.

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