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SSL Certificates

If your need high-grade SSL Certificate for your site, we can offer you low price. Please, pay attention to UKRHOSTING offers! We offer you certificates Geotrust and Comodo.

What advatages you will have, if you buy Ukrhosting SSL Certificate?

  • We offer just wildword recognized 128-bit SSL certificates Geotrust and Comodo.
  • We relieve our clients from necessity of the conclusion of the international contracts, of the legislation of documents, of the translation of the documentation into foreign language, of their notarial support and of the abroad payments providing.
  • To provide the payment for SSL certificate, you can choose bank translation, payment cards or pay cash at our office.
  • We will give you all necessary documentation,which is demanded by the legislation of Ukraine.Express SSLcertificate ( RapidSSL® ) takes 24 hours and you doesn't need any additional documentation from you.

What is it SSL Certificate?

Actually, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a report, developed by the Netscape company, providing confidentiality and integrity of data, which are sent between web-servers (where you site placed) and between web-browsers (used clients).  SSL also gives an opportunity to be assured, that the data,received from web-server, come from prospective unit and they have not been damaged during the transfer process.


SSL And Internet Safety

This is not a secret, that nowdays it is possible to look through the data, which clients and servers exchange among themselves, without special technical tools.

this a much asked question, especially if you use Ihe Internet for commercial purposes.

The best way of transfering of the security classified information is its enciphering.

The most popular, and, perhaps, the most reliable method of the protection is SSL certificate.

Now the SSL-report is used in the structure of any Internet-resource,which is carrying out manipulations with personal or financial data of Internet users.

For example,these are the banks,Internet-shops or any other virtual places, where users have to transfer personal confidential data.

It can be, for example, procedure of the registration, or payment of any goods, or any other procedure, when users have to give out secret nameplate data, PIN-codes and passwords.

If you have chosen the Internet business, think about security of the financial operations before.

In fact, the protected connections have crucial value for electronic commerce, maintenance of the protected interactive bank operations, other electronic business and all transactions,which need the certain level of safety.


Kinds of SSL certificates

Certificate SSL is a digital document, which allows a server and the client to check the authenticity of each other. Now exists two kinds of SSL-certificates: Shared SSL and Trusted SSL.

Shared SSL Certificate is free-of-charge version; it installs on an allocated IP address of the client,but this cannot guarantee complete safety.

Trusted SSL Certificates - these are Certifications,developed by the special certification Centers; they includes digital signatures, valid date, owner name and other information for identification.


How does it work?

SSL is based on system of enciphering of the data,which uses two keys: the open key (known to each user) and the latent or confidential key (known only to the addressee of the message). Usually reference, with SSL inquiry begins with 'https://' instead of 'http://'. The scheme of work SSL is shown below:

  • The Browser sends to a web-server an inquiry to a protected page (usually 'https://').
  • The Web-server sends the open key together with the certificate.
  • The Browser checks, whether this certificate is Trusted SSL,term of validation, and connection of the certificate with site.
  • Then the browser uses the open key (received from a web-server) and, using any symmetric enciphering,sends an inquiry to a server on the channel, which transfers ciphered data.
  • The Web-server will decode a key of a symmetric encryption, using a confidential key.  
  • The Web-server sends a required html document and " usual http data " only after enciphering by their symmetric key.
  • Using the symmetric key, the web-browser will decode obtained data and html document, and displays the information.

 The size of a key stone (it is usual 40-bats, 56-bats, 128-bats) defines a level of complexity of enciphering data. The more long key is - the more complex it is to crack the protected channel and to receive the confidential information.
We offer only 128-bit certificates,because this standard has shown the highest level of the reliability and safety.



Special offer of SSL certificates:

NEW!  RapidSSL®

Cost: Only $30/year. Order right now - e-mail us

This new kind of certificates gives to our clients fast and a very simple method of the reception and use of SSL certificates on their site. Ordering RapidSSL certificate doesn't need any documents and can be made online.

Advantages of RapidSSL
SBS Instant SSL certificates possess following properties:

  • Low cost.

  • Fast acknowledgement through email.

  • Complete support of 128-bit SSL enciphering.
  • It is supported by more,than 99 % of web-browsers.

  • Allows you to send information together with the included "lock" and 'https://' report.
  • Doesn't need any phone calls,or paper documents.

  • This is an excellent certificate for minimal cost. You can always Upgrade your certificate in the process of growth of your business.





If you wish to get the certificate of the lead certified center GeoTrust, whom trust more than 99 % of browsers, you can order it:
Quick Validation SSL Certificates



If you have any questions, please, email to our technical support.


We wish to bring your attention, that we offer technical support and consultations of the installation of certificates only to the clients of our hosting.

At the same time, if you are not our hosting-client, it is necessary for you to have skills for SSL-certificate installation,including knowledge of English language.

You also should understand, GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL directly issue the certificates.


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