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  • an independent server with Apache, DNS, etc.
  • SSH-access at a root level and full control of the server
  • the allocated IP-address
  • an opportunity of installation and adjustment of any programs
  • guaranteed quantity of the memory resources
  • a greater guarantee of the protection from other users
  • an opportunity to install PHP in a mode of the module of the apache (extra-unsafe mode for a virtual hosting (shared hosting)
  • access to the statistics of inquiries of http-server (base, apache).

More details about VPS (VDS) Hosting

Service VPS will allow to place on one physical server some independent virtual environments,with completely identical functionality and opportunities to usual physical allocated servers. Each virtual server (VPS) is isolated and absolutely independent from other servers and clients, which are placed on the same physical server. This guarantees maximum level of the protection from unauthorized access, and also freedom of installation of your own appendices. At virtual hosting data of many users are placed at the same directory of the server. VPS is inaccessible for other users at the same physical machine. There is also an installed operational system, which can be completely adjusted for concrete non-standard inquiries of VPS users, and these sets will not have any influence for other clients of physical server. The technology completely isolates every VPS, allocating the certain limit of memory, disk,and resources of the central processor. We guarantee resources of a physical server, which cannot be used by another VPS or client, to every VPS server. Similar to physical allocated server (Dedicated Server), every VPS has independent operational system, where you can install any web- and other appendices. If you so choose we will install H-Sphere control panel to your VPS, with all its functionalities,similar to virtual hosting resources, which are accessible to all UKRHOSTING clients.


Collocation is a service of the communication,when provider placement the equipment of the client at his territory or in his data-center and connects it to broadband uplink channels.

Data-center - the specialized technical platform, intended for placement of the server equipment and its connection to data uplink channels and Internet.

Please, if you have any questions, contact out support.

Data-center Advantages

Data-center has flexible structure and offers great opportunities for the development of infrastructure and information resources of clients.

Our clients receive full control of the equipment.

The Resources,placed in the Date-center are connected directly to a backbone, which is connected to the worldwide internet exchange point.

Reliability of the equipment and channels reservation makes your resources constantly - accessible.

When a dedicated server or collocation service should be chosen?

Consider renting dedicated servers or collocating your own servers in the datacenter of your hosting provider when you need to host:

  • complicated online projects that require non-standard configurations and/or installation and configuration of specific server-side software;

  • popular high traffic Internet projects that have large number of visitors and generate high CPU and RAM loads;

  • several online resources that belong to the same owner;

  • online web hosting projects;

  • online databases, data banks and storages;

  • online enterprise automation systems;

Contact Support Team to rent a dedicated server or order collocation services right now!


Tariff Plans

Tariff Plan Descriptopn Quantity Payment
Cloud Server Virtual Cloud Server Yes From $16.50 order
S 1 Chipset Intel 3420, Quad-Core Xeon 3430 2.4Ghz, 2Gb DDR3 RAM, 2 x 500Gb ES.2 0 $149.00 order
S 2 Chipset Intel 5500, 2 x Quad-Core Xeon 5620 2.4Ghz, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, 4 x 500Gb ES.2 0 $287.00 order
DS Quad Core Xeon, 4Gb DDR3 RAM, 16 x 1500Gb ES.2, hardware RAID with BBU, 16 ports 0 $557.00 order
CS 2 webservers and 1 database server, 6 x Quad-Core Xeon 5620 2.4Ghz, 24Gb DDR3 RAM, 4 x 500Gb ES.2, load balancing 0 $1,087.00 order

Technical requirements to hardware maintenance

  • Case RackMount to 2U, prepared for installation in a rack in width of 19 inches
  • power supplies 220B/50Gz
  •  the Network card 10/100/1000

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