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Domain Registration

The UKRHOSTING registers and supports domain names in the most popular zones: .com, .net, .org, .us, .ca, .ru, .co, .uk; perspective zones: .biz, .info, .mobi, .ws, .tv; ukrainian zones: .ua,,,,,, and in many regional zones:(,, Also we offer to the clients domains of the 3rd level: and

Procedure of registration of the majority of the domain names lasts about one working day, however some domains need more long term for the registration, (sometimes to 2 weeks). The domain name becomes accessible maximum in 24-78 hours after the registration (this time is necessary to update DNS).

Before the registration, you should pay attention to some features of the domain registration in the certain zone, what are listed below.

UKRHOSTING registers all domain names for clients.

Also, if it is necessary, you can change the record domain information, replace hosting of your site or registrar(according to Agreement) without any problems. More information:see FAQ.

If you wish to register the domain in a zone, which is not mentioned, please contact our service for technical support or ask a question at our forum (Registration of domains section) - probably we will be able to help you.

Domain Zone Domain as a Present Domain yearly Payment USD  EUR  UAH  RUB 
Hosting or Parking Registration without hosting Backorder
Ukraine Official
Ukraine Regional$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80$11.80
Ukraine Private$11.80$11.80$35.40$11.80$11.80$35.40

Features of domain registration

It's fast and super-easy to order any domain name at UKRHOSTING. Just locate 'Check domain' section in the right sidebar of any page of our website - it's on the very top of the sidebar.
Type the desired domain name (eg.: ukrhosting) in 'Domain:' field, then select the domain name zone from 'Zone:' drop-down (eg.:, or you can leave the default selection (*) to lookup your desired name in all available domain zones, then click 'OK'.

If your chosen domain name is available for registration - you'll be prompted to order it, or you'll see the checklist of the domain name in all available zones with availability indicators.
In case you want to register a domain name in a zone that isn't listed on our website, please, contact our Support Team or post on our forum in Domain Names section. We'll do our best to help you.

If the domain name you want to register is not available for registration you can always place a backorder - we'll attempt to register this domain name for you immediately after it expires. Read more about domain name backorder here.

Pay attention to following singularities of registration in some zones:

.UA - registration of domain names in .UA zone can be provided only when the following condition is met.
The customer must provide number of the Certificate of Trademark Registration.
It's only possible to register a domain name in .UA if the desired name is the same as Trademark name.  - names are accessible to registration with three and more characters in a name. - domains only for the state or nonstate educational institutions in Ukraine of the 3 and 4 levels of accreditation. The official letter from the HIGH SCHOOL is necessary. - domains for the state organizations and departments of Ukraine. Registration and domain redelegation is carried out on the basis of the request and the letter from the organization-registrar.,,, - registrar should be (be registered) in the area appropriate to a domain zone.,, and,,,  - registrar should be (be registered) in the area appropriate to a domain zone. – domains for private persons for their private purposes. Abbreviation PP means People or Private Person. Acknowledgement of registration by the code sent on a mobile phone of the registrar is necessary. It is possible to register just 3 domains for one mobile number per month. - any request transits check of the validity of the specified name-servers.,,, .eu, .name - minimum period of registration – two years.

.ca – registrar should be the resident of Canada.

.ru to change information ( including Registrator ) you must provide next documents: scan of registrar passport for private persons and certificate of registration for legal persons.

.com, .net, .org - domain registrator can be changed 2 month after domain was registered.

Free Domains for UKRHOSTING Clients

You can register one domain in a paid Ukrainian zone free, if you have pre-paid hosting-plan for 1 year period (starting from plan Personal)!

We offer you make a choice among such domain zones:,,,,,,,,,,

Discount Domains for Hosting-clients

All our hosting-clients have a unique opportunity to register domains with a discount in many Ukrainian zones! Also the additional constant proposal of free Domain is availible (Accessible)

So, placing your domains at UKRHOSTING, you can save from $ 2-3 for each domain (discount for domain for hosting-clients) up to $6-8 (free domain).

We call for your attention for the additional discounts of Program of loyalty and for a constant discount of 5 % for resellers.

UKRHOSTING summarizes all discounts!

Free domain parking

There is an opportunity to have free domain parking on our Name-Servers for all domains registered by UKRHOSTING.

Free domain parking means using domain without site accommodation on it. Free domain parking redirects from empty domain to any site. It means domains registration without hosting. If you are not our client you can register IP addresses your server or other provider.

If you use free domain parking you have an opportunity to register domains for the same price as you buy hosting.

You can park domain names for free in Control Panel. This opportunity extends for all domains, including free domains.



Life cycle of domain name

Life cycle of public domain name

Life cycle of domain name means the time interval from the moment when there is a possibility of registering a domain name till its actual removal.

Life cycle consists of the following basic stages:

  1. Period of actual registration (Registered).
  2. The  auto-renew period (Auto Renew Grace Period).
  3. Period of renewal after removing (Redemption Grace Period).
  4. Period of actual removing (Pending Delete).

Each stage consists of the operations that can be applied to the domain name. The general scheme of the life cycle of the domain name is shown in the image below:

Life cycle of the top level domain name (gTLD)

Check domain

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