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Ukrhosting's servers are placed in Ukraine and the USA.

If your site is focused on Easten or Western Europe (consists the information,what is interesting and necessary for the visitors from Europe), your optimal variant will be to place your site on the Ukrainian location server,because your customers will have more reliable access in this case.

Otherwise choose a hosting at the USA-located servers.

If you already are our client and thinking about carring your site on a server located in Ukraine, make this decision: „ crossing „ is absolutely free and is possible after your e-mail application to the service at technical support of UKRHOSTING.

But if in case,your site is located at other server in other data center, you can direct all your questions to our support.

The scheme, presented below, and the description of the data-centers will help you to get the imagination about the structure of the network, uniting UKRHOSTING servers.

The Scheme of the UKRHOSTING Network

Shared Hosting Cluster Reseller Hosting Cluster
Datacenter in USA
Shared Hosting Cluster Reseller Hosting Cluster
Datacenter in Ukraine

Data-centre in Ukraine

Ukrainian hosting-services of UKRHOSTING are located its own technical platform ColoCall (data-center) in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Data-center offers a combination of reliable technical maintenance,which is one of the components of the complete and quality services of UKRHOSTING company.

New UKRHOSTING data-center provides integration into a telecommunication network and uses two independent connections of 1Gb each.

Except that, there is a high-quality and high-speed Internet access to the information resources with the total capacity of 1Gb, and also access to the network of an exchange the Ukrainian traffic UA-IX with the capacity of 1 Gb.

Uninterrupted data transmission is provided with a reliable system of the reservation of the channels.

The optimum temperature mode on a technological platform and special climatic conditions are provided with an air-conditionings system.

The climate control systems are installed in an open area. There are special powerful air conditioners inside of the data-processing center.

Power supplies of the equipment are classified as 1st rate in reliability, the power supply system has a capacity of 120 kw with an opportunity for expansion, 2 independent inputs. For trouble-free work of the data-center a diesel engine-generator is placed in the open area.

All of the premises of the data-center are protected 24hours and have modern equipment of the systems of safety and the control of access and videomonitoring.

Specially trained personnel carries out 24 hours support, constant monitoring of working capacity of the servers and network equipment, operatively eliminating malfunctions of any complexity.

In the data-center, used by the company UKRHOSTING,offers an opportunity of long distance operation of your own information resources through an IP-network and through network IP-KVM.

The equipment of leading world manufacturers, such as Cisco, HP, Dell, is used as the network and server equipment, the passive equipment and structural cable system.

The distributed structure of the data center and own broadband uplink channels of UKRHOSTING allows for complex telecommunication projects for large organizations, operators of the communication, the Internet-providers and financial-investment structures.

Data-centre in the USA

For hosting services in the USA we have chosen a technical platform of the company COLOGLOBAL (the USA).

COLOGLOBAL owns some several data-centers, completely equipped for accommodation of the servers. The equipment includes sources of a power supplies ,cooling- systems, cross-connection, and the equipment for the removed administration and control. The fire alarm system and sprinkler system protect against the fire, and also offers anti-break in protection of the premises and racks provide physical safety of the data center.

Cologlobal provides premium networks with a minimum GB port access for each colocation customer. Extensive core network security including core network firewalls, DDOS protection, IDS and IPS systems in place.

Facilitating 1U to 3U colocation along with private Octals, 1/4 cabinet, 1/2 cabinet, 3/4 cabinet and full/multiple cabinet unescorted and private access via key, access card and biometric scanners.

400 S. Akard Street is located on three acres in the heart of the central business district minutes from major office, hotel, restaurant and retail facilities. The seven-story building was originally completed in 1921 to house the United States Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

The property is fully equiped to house environmentally sensitive communications equipment, mission critical data center operations, and business enterprises that find it advantageous to locate within a high-security, state-of-the-art venue.


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