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Terms and conditions for web hosting services

The below information is presented as official offer to any physical person to conclude the Contract on web hosting services. The Contract is set as public with equal terms of services for each customer and in accordance with paragraph 633 Civil Code of Ukraine. By paying our services you agree to terms and conditions of this Contract and our company is considered as main provider of hosting services and other related services.

For legal person this Contract should be concluded in writing only!

Agreement for Personal Data processing

Any person, Customer, acting under free will and previously acquainted  with the purpose of Personal Data processing, gives his/her agreement for:
  •   Personal Data processing without any clauses, Personal Data transmitting to Provider Data Base (informational automatical system);
  • Personal Data usage: any actions of the Owner for processing, protection these data,  giving to other parties of legal relationships, connected with  Personal Data partial or  re- right  to  process Personal Data.


on web hosting services

A subject of economic activity Godunov O.S. referred to as Provider, represented by Godunov Oleksandr Sergiyovych, acting in accordance with Certificate about state registration of physical person — entrepreneur a single tax payer on one hand and physical person, referred to as Customer, on the other have concluded the present Contract as follows:

1. Subject of the Contract

The Customer entrusts Provider and Provider is obliged to place web-projects into Internet network according to this Contract. Customer can choose base rate for web hosting plan from a list of available resources and services. The list is published on the Provider's website under Web hosting section.

2. Terms of the Contract

2.1 The Contract is a public offer equal to oral agreement and valid in accordance to existing Ukrainian legislation. In accordance with paragraph 642 chapter 53 Civil Code of Ukraine acceptance of public offer (Contract) terms is done after Customer pays the invoice and Provider receives appropriate financial document to confirm the payment.

2.2 The Customer creates personal account within the control panel in accordance with base rate for web hosting plan.

2.3 After Customer proceeds with the payment Provider will activate his account. Account can also be activated after Customer proceed with the payment and sent e-mail to technical support stated the date for activation.

2.4 Provider supplies with web hosting services after the Customer's account was activated (see also c.2.3). Web hosting services are porvided during the billing cycle indicated by the Customer in aplication order for account. Web hosting services can be prolonged on next billing cycle if remaining balance exist on Customer's account and in case Contract was not terminated by one of the Parties before the defined date.

2.5 Provider can also supply Customer with other related services, such as domain registration, website development etc. Costs for extra services shall be negotiated separately.


3. Duties and obligations of the Customer

3.1. The Customer is obliged:

  • To keep up with billing cycle and to pay the invoices for web hosting services and other related services in proper time and in accordance with the Contract.
  • To follow the common and public rules of Internet network usage.
  • To use Internet network in accordance with the legislation. Do not make Provider responsible for any losses carried by the Customer or other third Party during Provider's services usage.
  • Do not damage program shells or servers of Provider or other third Party by technical or programming means.
  • To follow the Provider representative instructions concerning Provider's services and Internet network usage.
  • Do not make Provider responsible for removal and/or damage of Customer's data located on Provider servers.
  • Do not make Provider responsible for any lawsuit, debts, looses, costs and outgoings including lawsuit costs, costs for attornies and lawyers originated from lawsuit and related to Provider services.
  • To follow the official information concerning Provider services and relations between the Customer and the Provider published on Provider's official website
  • Automatically, Customer gives his/her agreement for collecting and processing personal data at the moment of creation order and bill for services.
  • To provide detailed contact information and requisites. To provide Provider with any changes on contact information in time. Provider has a right to ask Customer to provide extra certified documents for verification. Provider may suspend services until further receiving of the documents.
  • To keep confidential all registration data.
  • To fullfill other obligations stated in this Contract.

3.2 The Customer has right:

  • To require services in accordance with this Contract.
  • To change the list of provided resources and services under choosen base hosting plan which is published on Provider's server. After Customer submited an order via regular post office or e-mail address and provided with the payment for extra services, the Provider makes changes to account resources.
  • To switch from one base hosting plan to another. After Customer submited an order via regular post office or e-mail address and provided with the payment, the Provider makes changes to account base hosting plan. The remaining balance of the account can be used for payment of new hosting plan.

4. Duties and obligations of the Provider

4.1 The Provider is obliged:

  • To provide Customer with hosting services in accordance with choosen hosting plan.
  • To provide support via e-mail regarding hosting services and other related services, and to consult about configuration of software that Provider supplies to Customer which is also published on the official website Technical support via ICQ or phone is not provided.
  • To keep confidential all data related to Customer's activity, to which he has access during fulfiling of the present Contract unless other provided by existing legislation of Ukraine.
  • To refund looses for Customer's web-project outage over 12 hours, hosted with the Provider and on his fault, excluding conditions stated in paragraph 6.1 and 6.2 and if all technical works were done by Provider on the equipment for preventive measures and upgrade. The refund is done only after written application from the Customer received. In case of web-projecs outage the Customer has a right for compensation in the form of payment exemption for Provider's services limited to the period of the outage mentioned herein.
  • To inform via Provider's official website about all technical works or preventive measures, configuration changes for software and hardware and changes on servers or resources access, etc. If applied changes require corresponding changes at Customer's resources, the Provider is obliged to send appropriate instructions to e-mail address which was registered by Customer under account. Provider is not responsible for Customer's web project outage in case the Customer had not followed with the recommended instructions or Customer had not checked e-mail address he provided or had no access to his e-mail.

4.2 The Provider has right:

  • To revise and if necessary to change terms and conditions of this Contract, Pricelist and list of available services. Provider is obliged to inform Customer on changing prices for the services upfront 10 days they are enacted via official website under appropriate section or via e-mail.
  • To change the list of available OS and it's functions without any notice.
  • To change servers configuration and it's sofrtware for security resons and upgrade. In case Customer doesn't agree with the applied changes both Parties find mutual decision in changing the Customer's account properties. If the decision is impossible any of the Party can terminate the Contract before the defined date. The Provider is obliged to inform about changes on shortest period via e-mail.
  • To put on hold hosting services during maintenance works for preventive measures and unplanned emergency works with Provider’s equipment.
  • To prohibit on users scrips usage which may cause overload of the system and/or damage to servers, software or hardware including, but not limiting, usage of scripts which can open servers ports for remote connection and usage daemon scripts.
  • To send on provided contact address e-mails containing information on changes or additings on list of provided services, conducting of repairing works or equipment upgrade, special offers or any other information related to Provider's activity.

4.3 Provider has a right to suspend the services and/or terminate the Contract imediately and unilateraly, without any refund in case:

  • None payment of the invoice on due date.
  • Customer is not complied with terms and conditions of this Contract and/or public rules of Internet network usage.
  • Customer is not complied with the Provider's instructions concerning hosting services and Internet network usage.
  • If Provider consider any of Customer's activity and/or inactivity like damaging or the one which may cause damages to Provider (including humiliating Provider's honor, dignity and goodwill and/or preventing regular activity), other Customers or regular Internet operation.
  • If Customer places the following on his project:

    • information which humiliating honor and dignity of other people;
    • erotic and pornographic information;
    • VPN tunnels/ servers, file archives, proxy-servers (to distribute or set up), chats, scrips for port scanning and others that cause incoming traffic float;
    • information, softwares and other materials that are entirely or partly under copyright, without owner approval;
    • Information or software containing computer viruses or other related components;
    • Information that is not complied with existing Ukrainian legislation or International law. Customer understands that if statutory methods for evaluating specific images are missing Provider is authorized for such evaluating according to existing legislation of Ukraine or International Law.
  • By decision of authorized state authority according to existing legislation of Ukraine.
  • If the following Customer's activities were determined (including but not limiting):
    • If Customer receives abuse report from Provider with notification on further account suspention and does not contact Provider and resolve the violation in 5 days, the Contract is automatically terminated by the Provider and is absolute.
    • The moment of account suspention or Contract termination is considered a date when Provider send appropriate notification to Customer.
    • sending bulk outgoing spam letters via any Internet facility;
    • performing bulk commercial activity on other customer resources without any approval;
  • supporting any spaming, hacking, cracking, SEO cheating (including doorway pages) and other illigal activity on the Internet;
  • distributing information discrediting Provider.

5. Payments

5.1 Payments shall be done on the base of provided resources and ordered services stated within the Customer's personal account and also on the base of current price list for resources and services established by Provider. Payments shall be done on the base of invoice. To receive invoice Customer should apply an order on the official website

5.2 Customer shall pay in advance to Provider before hosting services activated the following:

  • for billing cycle (not less than 1 month) provided within the list of resources and services which is published on Provider's official website;
  • any one-time fees if such are necessary for activation of ordered hosting plan.

5.3 Customer is obliged to keep positive balance at his personal account. If the balance reducing to zero Provider can e-mail Customer in order to increase the balance. Customer can find the information about balance status within the control panel online.

5.4 Provider can suspend hosting services if negative balance is present on Customer’s account and untill Customer increases funds on his personal account.

5.5 Payments shall be done in advance.

6. Responsibility

6.1 Provider doesn't provide Customer with services such as connection to Internet network and carries none responsibility for low grade of such services supplied by other provider.

6.2 Provider is not responsible to the Customer and other third Party for any resources access delaies or interrupts, damages or looses caused by:

  • Customer and/or other third Party actions;
  • equipment inaccuracy that doesn't belong to Provider but is a part of a network;
  • insufficient communication line, provided by other suppliers;
  • force-majeure circumstances.

6.3 Provider is not responsible for:

  • content, provided on Customer's website and also content, topical and reliable information that is passed/received while services provided;
  • any damages and/or looses (including lost profit and indirect looses) failed by Customer and/or other third Party during operating or not operationg with resources or services provided (including disclosure and/or loss by Customer his registration data), which are langer than payment received from Customer for hosting services;
  • issues related with unauthorized usage of software/hardware by Customer;
  • inappropriate actions on hosting services usage by Customer;
  • integrity, credibility and availability of Customer's web projects and data on server.

6.4 Customer is responsible for:

  • any illegal activity and/or inactivity done by Customer or other Party that have access to use his registration data which cause damages or other losses to Provider;
  • following with the terms and conditions of payments.

6.5 Provider is not obliged to provide consultancy concerning common software usage if such information is available on proper manual.

6.6 Customer is responsible for regular checking on updates of Contract terms and conditions published on Provider’s official website.

6.7 Termination of the Contract doesn't exempt Customer from payment due invoices for provided services.

7. Settlement of disputes

7.1 Parties shall try to settle by negotiations all disputes, issues and claims arising out of or in connection with this Contract.
7.2 All disputes are considered a complain and must be presented with written application sent via post office or e-mail.
7.3 If the Parties can not find a mutual decision by negotiation a dispute by this Contract shall be settled in accordance with existing legislation of Ukraine.

8. Duration of the Contract

8.1 The Contract is concluded for 1 (one) year. If Customer pays in advance for hosting services in accordance with chapter 5 of this Contract and mutual disputes are absent the Contract shall renew automatically for next year.

8.2 The Contract becomes valid from the moment Provider receives funds on his account. It is valid until complete fulfillment of the obligations by the Parties. The date of hosting services provision depends on the date when Customer’s personal card is activated and may differ from the date the Contract is concluded. The expiring date for hosting services can also differ from the date the Contract is terminated (see chapter 2.3 of this Contract).

8.3 From the moment the Contract was concluded all prior, oral and written agreements by the Parties related to this Contract becomes invalid.

8.4 The Contract is considered terminated before the defined date if initiator subbmited a written notice to other Party via post office or e-mail not later than 10 (ten) working days before the date of the Contract termination.

8.5 If Customer has no overdue payments to Provider he can terminate the Contract unilateraly.

8.6 The Contract can be terminated unilateraly by Provider without prior notice in terms of this Contract and other causes which are done outside Provider’s control. If Provider terminates the Contract before defined date he is obliged to send notification via e-mail to Customer.

8.7 The Contract can be terminated before the defined date by the mutual consent of the Parties.

8.8 If the Contract was terminated before the defined date by the Customer the remining balance of his account is not refundable.

8.9 Termination of the Contract does not exempt Perties from liabilities on it's fullfilment or inappropriate execution.

8.10 The Contract remains valid if Parties provide changes to details, statute documents including but not limiting replacement of the owner, legal form of the company.

9. Address of the Provider

A subject of economic activity Godunov O.S.

Bank and tax requisites: account No 26005010969898 in PSC “Ukrsotsbank”

MFO 300023

ITN 2969716059

Check domain

Zone: OK




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